About Project Indigo

Project Indigo is a new startup project out of Huntington Beach CA.

The goal of Project Indigo is to bring new ideas in e-commerce by providing a very generic entry platform for you to build upon, with years of experience from us actually running an online store.

About Us

Project Indigo is the child of Internet Commerce Engine 5, a small boutique e-commerce platform used by a small group of business owners in the local area.

Its birth came about from how large in size Internet Commerce Engine 5 became and how much more difficult it was to update and keep current. So rather than do another upgrade to the program, we decided to just write a new one from scratch incorporating all of the knowledge we have acquired from previous versions.

The largest factor for the birth of this new program was the shift to mobile phones. Even though we worked hard to make Internet Commerce Engine 5 mobile friendly, it just wasn't enough. So when the data collected showed that 70% of the customers are using mobile phones to shop, and 30% were corporate buyers using desktops, it was a clear signal that it was time for change.

We’re not a large company backed by millions of dollars of funding, just a small company located in Huntington Beach CA with people who just like to write efficient code. The alternative is too work for a large company in Irvine CA, only 12 miles away but has now become a 75 minute commute home.

About the Ring Leader



Founder Project Indigo
United States

Kirker is the founder, owner, administrator, and the shameless hack that wrote and runs Project Indigo. He wears all the hats, does the taxes and acts as the pretend lawyer for the company, with help from lawyer friends of course.

Born in Southern California, and then moved to the suburbs in Huntington Beach in 1968. He has worked across many states from the Mississippi River to Hawaii as a Fiber Optic and RF or Radio contractor and landed back home in Huntington Beach.

He wrote his first program at age 10 in junior high school, using paper, pencil and yellow paper tape to store it on. Took computer class in High School, only to swap it out for surfing class. He got back into programming after working for Xerox Corporation in the 80's and had the chance to work for Microsoft in 1990 but turned it down. Co-wrote and developed Page Ability in 1995, a program that generates text messages for pagers. Kirker started writing web apps in 2003, with ASP.net Classic, migrated to PHP for 5 years, and then back to ASP.Net. He writes in VB, C# and also know C++ as well.

On the side he likes bowling and works hard to improve his skills and knowledge of the sport. Registered as a USBC Level 1 coach for teaching youth bowlers and carries a successful background check.

He calls himself an Urban Pioneer which is a Rural Pioneer that lives in the suburbs, and lives the Urban Pioneer life. Urban Pioneer is one that doesn't buy things made of plastic because of hyper-obsolescent as one example. Considering creating a subscription website to teach others the Urban Pioneer way of life.

You can learn more about jkirkerx by visiting Code Project.
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The Others

We get help from the members of Code Project, which have graciously donated time to write some of the code used in Project Indigo!

Haven't had the chance yet to ask if they want to be listed here, but will in due time.

Were always looking for great MVC programmers so keep us in mind. The pay is terrible and the hours are long, but if you put your heart into the project, great things will happen!