E-Commerce designed for everyone, everywhere

Project Indigo! is a generic e-commerce platform designed for mobile phones first for those that are always on the Go!

Imagine being able to run your online store 100% from your mobile phone!


An E-Commerce Platform highly optimized for mobile phones first

Indigo! is designed for the online store owner and their customers that are always on the go!


Mobile Phones

Written from the ground up to support mobile phones first. Great care has been taken to design the UI to give the best possible mobile experience. Desktop support is also included as well which offers full screen support.

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Multi Targeted Platform

The design incorporates 3 levels of use. Site Adminstrator is your center of operation, while B2B or private customers can shop and pay bills from their section. Public represents the general public.

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Model View Controller

Build with Microsoft MVC, Indigo! allows for the greatest flexibility in device support and multiple output formats. While EF6 allows for use with many database technologies, and automatic database creation and migration.

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Imagine running your online store 100% from your mobile phone.

Not everbody has the time to run their online store from the office or a desktop computer. Most people are on the go or play their favorite sport at night so they can't always be near a computer. Indigo! is designed from the ground up to be responsive with mobile phones as the first priority.

Use your mobile phone to take product pictures and upload directly to your store. Walk through your warehouse to check physical inventory and update right on the spot. Complete shipping tickets in the warehouse, UPS /Fedex store or Post Office.

Through years of user observation and data tracking, the shift to online shopping from mobile phones has increased and we predict that it will be 95% of all devices used in the near future. Consider your conversion rate rising from say contractors on the job site needing tools or more materials, to people riding mass transit shopping during their journey to or from work.

Indigo! incorporates over 13 years of eCommerce experience in engineering, security, program features, user experience and speed.

It is of a very generic design, so you can customize it to your needs. Customization is easy by just changing the HTML in the view. Don't worry about setting up your database, just program the connection string and it will be created for you automatically. It is compatible with SQL Server, SQL Express, MySQL, Postgress, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and Infomix.

So whats with the name?

I code named the project indigo because I was thinking about inks, dyes and pigments, with my favorite being Indigo next to carbon black. So for lack of a better name, and after searching for available domain names, I bought the name so I can just share it with friends for now and get it out there.

So if you have a better name you would like to suggest, feel free to contact me and submit your idea. Plus I would love to hear your thoughts as well.


Interested in taking it for a test spin?

You’re more than welcome to take it for a test spin. Just click or touch the button below and send me a message. From there, I will make you a test account, so you can login. I will also send you documentation as to the modules you can test or view. We have so far only created the back end for the program, and have not created the shopping and checkout parts yet.


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