For those that are on the go!

Purpose driven Generic, Lightweight, MVC eCommerce Application

Designed to be on par with the worlds top online stores.


Engineering with the lastest in technology came first with database and code design based on our previous experiences with online shopping.

User Experience

Over 15 years of support experience has resulted in the creation of even easier to use graphic interfaces with more emphasis on account management.

Shooping Cart

Model View Controller

Since it's built with MVC technology, the project foot print is the smallest we've been able to achieve to date with Url routing that is now easier than ever to maintain and enforce.

Entity Framework 6

SQL or TSQL has been eliminated and replaced with Entity Framework 6. Database tables are self created and seeded with default data and changes or updates are automatic upon startup.

Imagine running your online store from your mobile device

Project Indigo! is a generic, lightweight 100% responsive ecommerce solution

Not everbody has the time to run their online store from the office or a desktop computer. Most people are on the go or play their favorite sport at night so they can't always be near a computer. Indigo! is designed from the ground up to be responsive with mobile phones as the first priority.
The shift to online shopping from mobile phones has increased and we predict that it will be 95% of all devices used in the near future. Consider your conversion rate rising from say contractors on the job site needing tools or more materials, to people riding mass transit shopping during their journey to or from work.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Built with technology that when done right, creates a small light weight foot print for easy project management.
  • FAST - Automated build and server side scripts will compress CSS, images and scripts automatically for faster download speeds.
  • RESPONSIVE - Built with Bootstrap V4 for responsive mobile first websites and great looking desktop sites.

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