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Work is mostly done at the shop while some aspects are done offshore. Either way, your project is managed here in Huntington Beach CA by me.

I follow the same rules as California contactors and require a 10% desposit to book your project for start. Then we work off the deposit system.

I send out invoices at the end of the month which includes your deposit and balance after your billing. You can pay by credit card but we prefer a check.

I will supply artwork if needed and can draw custom designs on Adobe Illustrator. As far a photos goes, we prefer that you supply your own photo stock so that it conforms with the Digital Information Act.

I have my own web servers that are the latest in technology using hyper visors and virtual machines on a scalable 90 mbps fiber optic pipe. If your website is super high volume then you can host it on a larger server center with more resources.

The first 90 days is free. After that I charge a monthly fee for the service. Web hosting is not free and requires additional staff to maintain and update the servers. Plus we have security subscriptions and and scans that we have to pay for monthy as well.


I really do get these messages and respond really fast!


18392 Enterprise Lane
Ste 3
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Phone: +1 (714) 845 9254