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Technical Details

Project Indigo is built with ASP.Net using Visual Studio 2017

Simply download the project, load it up and it will automatically self build the database, scripts and artwork.


Mobile phones first!

You must already know that Project Indigo! is built from the ground up for use on mobile phones. This means you can take product pictures straight from your phone and upload them to your store.

Light weight small footprint

Project Indigo's basic design concept is a lightweight eCommerce application utilizing small compact reusable code modules and models to present data to it's views.

Automated builds

The project has been automated to unpack required libraries and join, compress all CSS, Scripts and images for the fastest download times possible.


Built with Asp.Net MVC for it's simplity and easy project code management. When done right, you can create a project with a very small footprint by writing carefully crafted reusable code modules and models. URL routing is also now easier than before to manage and enforce parameters.

Entity Framework 6 is native for MVC and EF6 and eliminates the need for having to write complex TSQL/SQL. EF6 is far superior using SQL Linq to read and write to the database. It's come a long ways now with automatic database creation and migrations. This means you can change your database columns in code and simply restart the project and updates are automatic. Remember that EF6 is ADO and will work with your favorite SQL Server technology.

So much of Project Indigo's enviroment has been automated with EF6, Node.js, Bower and Gulp, that getting started and publishing the project takes just mere minutes to complete.

Bootstrap V4

Built with Bootstrap V4 and joined with JQuery on both the front and backend, the two compliment each other very well and keeps the project unified, so we can listen in on Bootstrap events. We like Bootstrap V4 and gone to great lengths to implement it's new features.

Topped off with Node.Js and Gulp, we now have a server side client script engine that can run and perform background task within your web server. In addition; we use it in the development enviroment to keep the project up to date with the lastest version of packages and to build the project for final publishing. You can build your own Gulp commands in addition to the ones we provide.

Node.js and Gulp will allow you to highly customize automated server side client script functions, such as file compression and cleanup keeping your storage space and download speeds to a minimum.

Bootstrap V4

Font Awesome is well, AWESOME! In the past we had to make little pieces or art but now it has all been replaced by Font-Awesome's large library of icons. This is made the management of artwork super easy and has cut down creation time. If you don't like the icon we choose, simply change it.

Security has been taken to a whole new level with AES 512+ encryption and custom controller security attributes for each section of the project which checks each page GET/POST request for valid credentials before processing the View. You can add Google and Facebook signin by simply adding the OWIN and Katana package. In case you didn't know, ciphers such as DES, SSL, RC4 have been obsoleted from use.

With so many successful hacker attacks in recent years, organizations like PCI and the security community have obsoleted many of the ciphers we use today such as DES and SSL. Not knowing which ciphers your online store is using for the encryption of data is just plain irresponsible by you in today enviroment.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTPRINT - MVC when done right allows for a small project footprint and lightweight design which makes project management easy.
  • EASY TO CUSTOMIZE - MVC seperates HTML in Views, and are built by the controller using small compact reusable code and models. Edit you HTML and CSS without breaking the core code that actually pipes data to the pages.
  • FAST BUILD AND PUBLISH SPEED - Scripts in Node.js and Gulp automates your build with the press of a button. Publishing just requires a target and credentials. When publishing your project will be built and the files will FTP to the target. You can publish in debug mode to troubleshoot server errors using remote debug in Visual Studio 2017.

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