For those that are on the go!

Available in 2 flavors, not 5

Currently there is Full and Personal Editions

Personal Edition is a small scale version that is low in cost to operate


Choose from 2 flavors

If we created ice cream we would have more flavors

Personal Edition

Personal Edition provides the base foundation and is low in cost to operate.

Full Edition

Full Edition is the original version and requires a database server.

Personal edition offers the entry level website owner a chance to use MVC technology created by knowledgeable experts in code design and security, versus going with say Word Press in which deployed sites have a high rate of being hacked for passwords and personal information.

Lets take a look at some

These are the older versions created with Bootstrap V3 that don't look as robust nor really pop or give you the wow factor.

The upgrade to Boostrap V4 and the learning curve on how to use it really made a substantial difference in terms of creating reusable HTML5 and CSS display components, which offer an even more fluid responsive design for all devices.


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